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Research Publications

With a small capital investment Sanskriti has entered its very own desktop publishing from its Archives. The Sanskriti Publishing is registered with the Raja Rammohun Roy (Regd. National Agency for ISBN, New Delhi- Berlin). The books we are offering are selected research works from the Sanskriti Archives by Bulu Imam on the culture and history, archaeology and art of the Hazaribagh region of North Jharkhand in eastern India, as well as the creative writings of Bulu Imam in his essays and poetry. All books are illustrated either by him, artists of the Tribal Women Artists Cooperative in Khovar and Sohrai styles, or with photographs by Sanskriti team members.

You can now download a free PDF copy of the book here!

By ordering hard copies of these publications you will be gaining a firsthand insight into the cultural and artistic beauties of one of India’s most original tribal regions, and helping to found a unique publishing venture which will return a third of the profits to TWAC in the cause of the women artists and their families.

02 Bulu Imam with Sunderlal Bahuguna in Sanskriti, Hazaribagh_1989_Courtesy-Sanskriti Muse

"Bulu, Your contribution to the environment movement will be through your writing."

Sundarlal Bahuguna (1989 )

Chipko Founder

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