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Artist: Rukmani Devi

Style: Prajapati Khovar

Village: Kharati

Year: 2009

Size: 22x30 inches


  • Rukmani Devi is a Prajapati artist is the pottery making clan who continues the distinctive traditions of Prajapati Khovar painting learnt from her mother and mother-in-law. A distinctive stylist, Rukmani is particularly known for her luminous tree of life paintings and murals. She was one of the four tribal women artists selected from Tribal Women Artists’ Cooperative to visit Australia for a month at the invitation of the Australian Museum to display her talents in a working exhibition at the Djamu Gallery, Sydney in creating several large murals on board of 6’x12 feet size and permanent ground alpana, which works have been stored in the collection of the Australian Museum, Sydney, while her “Tree of Life With Mandala” was exhibited in the Central Foyer of the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane, Australia. She lives and works in Hazaribagh.