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Artist: Jason Bara Imam

Style: Khovar

Year: 2001

Medium: Comb-cut with earth colours on handmade paper

Size: 22x30 inches


SKU: K1002
  • Jason was a talented artist who brought to light Sohrai tribal mural painting now the state art of Jharkhand. He was a self-trained master in sagraffito Khovar mud painting and wood and bronze Sohrai figure exhibiting his art through the Tribal Women Artists Cooperative in scores of International exhibitions. He also discovered several rockart sites and helped in the documentation in Jharkhand. He participated in 1997 and again 2000 in a one month residency at the Australian Museum, Sydney. He pioneered alternative mud housing and built a mud house by himself that has been the subject of architectural research. He also worked for several years documenting the collections of Mr.Rajeev Sethi and was close to the late Manjit Bawa. As a young artist his first patron was Srimati Pupul Jayakar. He unfortunately died at a young age of 37 with cancer on 11th February 2013.