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Artist: Philomina Tirkey

Village: Dato

Style: Oraon Sohrai

Year: 2022


Size: 22x30 inches

Medium: Earth colours on handmade paper

Snake and mongoose

  • Philomina was born in the Adivasi village of Dato near Hazaribagh and she learned the sacred art of her tribe, folk dances and story and song tradition from her mother. A professional artist since 1999, Philomina paints in the broad, geometric Oraon Totem style as well as in the delicate tradition of flower and animal painting in her tribe. Her work also depicts flowers, birds, landscapes and animals. She is an accomplished textile artist specializing in the designing and stitching of traditional Adivasi quilts called Ledras made by her tribe. She is also a prominent spokewomen for her tribe having been a member of the Human Rights Commission, Jharkhand and the Working Group on Indigenous Populations, Geneva. She is an internationally acclaimed artist who has exhibited and worked widely in Australia, Europe, England, and Canada.