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Artist: Parvati Devi

Village: Bhelwara

Style: Kurmi Sohrai

Year: 1995


Size: 22x30 inches

Medium: Painted with earth colours on handmade paper

Kurmi Sohrai

  • Parvati lives in a beautiful village called Bhelwara surrounded by hills and forests in eastern Hazaribagh. She paints in the Sohrai style of painting which is painted murals done with Kucchi  or chewed twigs and cloth rags. She learned this traditional painting from her mother who is an old lady now. She paints the famous Ghoda or horse on wheels also found in the rock art of Hazaribagh. She is one of the earliest artist who worked on the Australian High Commission (New Delhi) project in 1994-95. She has been working on the Art Projects of Tribal Women Artists Cooperative (TWAC) since 1995.