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Artist: Rudhan Devi

Village: Jorakath

Style: Kurmi Khovar

Year: 2003


Size: 22x30 inches

Medium: Comb-cut with earth colours on handmade paper

Kurmi Peacock

SKU: 5102
  • Rudhan is a wonderful artist from the hill village of Joakath who paints beautiful peacocks, tigers, and elephants. Her paintings of tiger attacking a man is a famous scene which she paints on large murals in her mud house walls. She paints in the Kurmi Khovar style of painting which is comb-cut work. She is one of the earliest artist who worked on Australian High Commission (New Delhi) project in 1993-94. She has been working on the Art Project of Tribal Women Artists Cooperative (TWAC) since 1995.