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Artist: Late Chamni Ganju

Village: Saheda

Style: Ganju Sohrai

Year: 1997


Size: 22x30 inches

Medium: Comb-cut with earth colours on handmade paper

Ganju Khovar

  • Chamni was an exceptional Ganju artist from the village of Saheda. She used to paint beautiful birds and fishes in her Khovar and Sohrai paintings. She was one of the artists who attended the mural painting project in Australia in 2000, and her mural (6'x12' feet) is placed in the Djamu Gallery in the Australian Museum.

    She was one of the earliest artist who worked on the Australian High Commission (New Delhi) project in 1993-94. She had been working on the Art projects of Tribal Women Artists Cooperative (TWAC) since inception. She unfortunately passed away in 2008, and left her legacy of art to the Tribal Women Artists Cooperative.