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Artist: Gangwa Devi

Style: Khovar Painting

Caste: Prajapati

Village: Bhaduli Pipradih

Year: 1995

Medium: Comb-cut on handmade paper

Material: Earth pigments (Manganese black and Kaolin white mud)

Size: 22x30 inches


SKU: S6001
  • Gangwa lives in the beautiful North Karanpura valley. She paints the tree of life and various types of plants especially lotuses or kamlaban (forest of lotuses). She is one of the earliest artist who worked on the Australian High Commission (New Delhi) project in 1993-94. She has been working on the Art projects of Tribal Women Artists Cooperative (TWAC) since inception.

    She has exhibited widely in Australia, England, and Europe. She was a selected artist from Hazaribagh in the Mapping our Countries exhibition organized by the Djamu Gallery of the Australian Museum, Sydney, which toured Australasia and the Pacific (9 October 1999- 27 February 2000). Her works chosen for exhibition was Village Pond, 1994, and Village 1994, comb-cut mud ochres on paper, 22x30 inches.