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Artist: Juliet Fatima

Style: Oraon Sohrai

Year: 2020

Medium: Earth colours on handmade paper

Size: 22x30 inches

Bird family

  • Juliet inherited from her mother the sacred traditions of her Oraon tribe in painting, song, dance, story telling, and culture. At an early age she demonstrated an unusual talent in the visual art of painting and a frank outspokenness in the defence of the cultural traditions and indigenous rights of her tribe, both of which were highly threatened at the time. She has twice represented the Tribal Women Artists’ Cooperative at the forum of the United Nation’s Working Group on Indigenous Populations, Geneva in 2001 and 2003. She  has also represented TWAC in art residencies in Germany (2004), Italy (2008), France (2011), and widely exhibited in Europe, Australia, England, and  Canada. She lives at the Sanskriti Centre, Hazaribagh, where she practices her art.